Invasive Species - State Action

Union of Concerned Scientists Report on Invasive Species in West Virginia.
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West Virginia Invasive Species Working Group Charter
October 15, 2001

The West Virginia Invasive Species Working Group (WVISWG) is a consortium that is open to state and federal agencies, land grant university research and extension, other colleges and universities, industry organizations, and private organizations and individuals with an interest in the invasive species problem. Its purpose is two-fold: (1) to address the threat of invasive species to the people of West Virginia and the state's resources and industries in a coordinated and unified manner and (2) to provide a forum for the statement and discussion of the objectives and interests of its members. The Working Group's authority rests only in the respective authority of its members.
Recognizing that invasive species are a serious threat to the state, the Working Group endorses the continued development of a statewide program involving survey and detection, suppression, management, research, and education.
The director of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture's Plant Industries Division coordinates the activities of the Working Group by serving as its moderator.
Communication among Working Group members will be maintained through two meetings each calendar year, one in March and one in November, to review and monitor progress on action programs and to further cooperation between members.